Introduction: Gauntlets

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Who doesn't need a good pair of trusty gauntlets. This is just a simple guide on how to make some, so you can protect your wrists form pesky dragons and such.

This build took less than an hour, and was free for me beacuase I found leather, but it probably would cost about $5.

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Step 1: Materials


Leather cord (this is optional)

Weathering supplys

Step 2: So It Begins

Make a pattern, my pattern was made for someone with bigger wrists than me, because I'm giving these away. Trace it onto your leather. Make sure to mark where the wholes are going to be, then cut it out.

Step 3: Punching the Leather

You could probably use a hammer and a large nail for this, but I found a leather punch so I just used that. Try to get them as symmetrical and possible. I messed up on one part, so some of the wholes look a little wobbly :(

Step 4: String

Take another leather piece, and cut long strips in it. You can skip this step if you have leather cord. My leather was actually not long enough so I had to cut extra leather strips which I tied together later on.

Step 5: Weathering

This part is completely optional, but I think it looks cool. I took some Schmere and roughed up everything, and worked it into the leather. Don't forget to weather your string as well. Schmere is really great because it is wax based, so it stays in if you wash it, but comes out if you dry clean it.

Step 6: Lacing

I tied two of the stings together then just laced it up.

Step 7: Show Them Off

.....and there you go, some nice battle worn gauntlets.

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    3 years ago

    nice job. looks great