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Introduction: Gear Table

This was a project i did for an event called Dining by design back in 2014. I wanted to create an interactive piece that people could have fun with. It was quite a hit and I would love to keep exploring this theme.

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2 years ago

you should post some sort of how to or how you did it so others could try to make a similar table. looks amazing

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Shoot, i really should. I'll see if i can dig up some of those files.


9 months ago

I just made a gear table myself. I was searching for mine, and stumbled onto yours. This is such a cool table. The recessed pockets that hold the gears are such a great idea. This is such a wonderful piece.

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Very cool looking. Would make a nice wall decoration too. Do you have any video footage of it working?

How did you cut the hollows out to store the gears?

Coolest table I ever have seen! Pure Steampunk, thanks for sharing. Now I have another project on top of the other fourty-one :)


Where can I find the plans for the lasercutter to make this table?

I am absolutely blown away. I humbly tip my hat.

Great, now I've got a new project to prepare for! I'm thinking this would make an epic coffee table. Maybe work it into a fractal design for the gears...

Lovely design! Version 2.0 should have rotating lazy susan serving gears! :)

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I was thinking the same thing. I can even see the kids grabbing an extra serve of veg just to get the lazy susan and gears going!

Awesome design. I love that all the gears are wood. I plan laser-cut some gears and make a version of my own at home. Thank you!

Spectacular idea and design!

This is the best idea ever! I love it!

Awesome !!!

Very cool but no real how to or how I did it

This table is awesome! Would love to be able to design something like this for my home! Well done!

Great looking project! To continue the theme you might think of something that is propelled by the gears. Train? Crawling critter? Drinks or snack delivery? Just some thoughts.