Gearbox for Computer,made From Old Joystick ( H-shifter )




About: Hi I'm KAFAROS :D

You like cars?

You like real driving?

You have old joystick?

This is instruction for you :)

I show you how to make gearbox for computer from an old joystick.


You need:


-Small box (I used here: wood box),

-Glue for wood (or another strong glue),

-Seven switches (I used here: Tact Switches-from old toys and computer mouse),

-a few small cables,

-Soldering Equipment,

-Tape (I used here: black PVC Electrical Tape),

-Wood,plywood or Cardboard,


-something for lever (I used here:pencil),



P.S. Sorry for my english

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Step 1: Upper Gearbox Part.

1.Download and print the template and glue it on rigid material (You can choose: with sixth gear or with seventh gear).

2.Cut as I showed in the picture (second,third,fourth,fifth and sixth).

3.Now you must fold, as I showed in the picture (seventh and eighth).

4.Tape it shut the edges (picture: ninth).

5.Glue something rigid on underside (picture: tenth-I used cardboard)

6. If you want you can paint this item.

Step 2: Main Part.#1

1.Cut smaller grooves at the bottom of the box (picture: first and second),

Step 3: Joystick Mainboard

1.Now,you must Disassemble Joystick.

2.Carefully pull the mainboard.

Step 4: Soldering on the Mainboard.

First gearbox version (with sixth gear):

1. Now you need few cables.

2. Solder two cables to the button (You must do this for six buttons).

Second gearbox version (with seventh gear):

1. Now you need few cables.

2. Solder two cables to the button (You must do this for seven buttons).

Step 5: Main Part.#2

1.Insert the motherboard with cables into the box.

2.Now,solder the switches to the cables from the mainboard (instruction on the second picture).

3.Mount the switches on places shown in second picture.

Step 6: Main Part.#3

1.Glue a few something rigid on underside (picture: first,second and third-I used cardboard).

2.Glue something rigid on underside (picture: fourth and fifth).

Step 7: Gear Shift

1.You can use long pencil for gear shift.

2.For gear shift knob I used knob from my old sequential gearbox (Manta compressor supreme 2).

Step 8: Finish :D

Now you can Play car games with your own gearbox :)

I play in The Crew ;)

In game you must configure this joystick and in settings: "Wheel Controls" you must choose "Shifter:" "H-Gate" (in The Crew) :) enjoy your driving experience :D

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    2 years ago

    bro wat about nuetral


    3 years ago

    please make a video of this gearbox( H - Shifter ) for the viewers to make the gearbox more easily. Even I am finding it difficult to make the gearbox through images.

    So I request you make a video and post on youtube or please share with me on my email id :-


    3 years ago

    Thank you its very cool. Do you make the steering wheel too? Sorry for my bad english


    3 years ago

    Very nice ;) ,you are great thanks


    3 years ago

    Yes how did you make the gear shifter stay up but still able to move?


    3 years ago

    How do you fixed the gear shifter to do not fall aside?Did you used some glue or something like that?If you can post me a picture or just reply to my comment pls.Sorry for bad english :).Btw this shifter is so cool :D


    3 years ago

    can you make video?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you please do a video on this??? I really want to see it in action. it looks really cool.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Works as a plain joystick ;) But if you want you can use this program: Xpadder or Vjoy.And in game you must change option How you want change gears. :)