Gearing Up for Hockey

Introduction: Gearing Up for Hockey

I love hockey!  Here is a step-by-step guide for how to suit up for practice!  Hope you find it helpful.  

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Step 1: Gear

· Jill

· Knee pads

· Hockey socks

· Hockey pants

· Skates

· Elbow pads

· Chest protector

· Neck guard

· Jersey

· Helmet

· Gloves

· Hockey stick

Step 2: Bottom

I like to start from the bottom up! Open up your hockey bag and search for the first 4 items.

- jill

- knee pads

- hockey socks

- hockey pants

Put them on your body in the same order they are listed above.

Step 3: Skates

Once you have your hockey pants on, then sit down and put your hockey skates on.

When you tie your skates make sure they are nice and tight and you start from the toe and work your way up.

If your laces are too long you put the lace through the hole then tighten even more.

Step 4: Protective Gear

Next is the protective gear for your chest and shoulders and neck.

you put the chest protector over your head and put the elbow pads on your elbows

Tighten the straps on your shoulders and stomach to make it snug.

Step 5: Head Gear

Now after you put the protective gear on its time to put on the jersey, helmet, and gloves . When you put on the helmet there are three straps. You attach the strap under your neck and then two up on the side of the helmet.

Step 6: Extra

Now grab your hockey stick and you’re ready to play some hockey.

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