Gears Display Using Laser Machine

Introduction: Gears Display Using Laser Machine

Today we're going to make a gear display , using laser cutter and Inkscape .
What's special about this one is that it's easy to make. and if you had any mechanical design knowledge , it can be much more useful

So, let's get started!

Step 1: Requirements

For this project we're going to need the following list of items.

• Laser Machine (we used epilog laser cutter ).
• 3mm wood (30cm X 40 cm ) to make the gears and board.
• Wood rods 10mm diameter cut by saw to make gear handle.
• Sanding paper to finish the parts.
• 10 mm screw and nuts to fix the gears.

Step 2:

We started by using Inkscape to make the design to be cut by the laser cutter. We used a built-in extension you can find it under Extensions > Render > Gear .. which is a very helpful tool used in this project for creating the gears layout. you can make your own arrangement and gear pitch diameter for compact sizes.

You can find the gears and board designs inside the "gears" files in PDF and SVG.

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    Cool display. This would be great for decorating with a steampunk theme.