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things needed:
paper cut out of helmet found here -
you will also need pepakura viewer to view the helmet file -
1 small piece of coloured plastic. i chose red
fibreglass and resin
foam tiles found here -  ( i used 7 sheets)
a couple of side release clips -
soldering iron
assortments of paint. i used red, black and silver spray paints

added extras
paper model lancer gun -

to begin download pepakura viewer as well as the files for the helmet
print out the helmet files and glue together, use pepakura viewer to locate each piece and glue them together. This stage is the most time consuming and most important, doing this right will save you a lot of time in the long run.
the best type of paper to use is thick card stock at least 120lb card. the eye sections can be left out completely as they obviously wont be needed.

Once the model is complete and you are happy with the result it is time for the resin and fibreglass.
you will not need a great amount but work with it carefully. this stuff is a pain to work with at the best of times. remember to do it in a well ventilated area or outside on a good day. mix up a small pot of resin you will need to first paint on a coat to the OUTSIDE of the helmet. just a thin layer it should go on like you're painting the model.
Leave this for a few hours to dry fully. The reason for doing this is to give the card more solidarity.
when mixing resin its a good idea to mix less than u think u may need as it sets very quickly and will be no good to anyone if its sets inside the cup.
Mix up a new batch of resin and cut up the fibreglass into small pieces.....paint the INSIDE of the helmet with a layer of resin first, lay pieces of fibreglass on the resin and then paint more resin on top making sure to get the fibreglass into every crease.
Leave the entire thing over night to completely dry.

The next stage for the helmet is paint. i decided for a worn look, i started with a base coat of silver and then painting in the black and red sections. using more black and silver to give the whole thing a worn and weathered look

once finished with paint take the eye sections that were left and trace them onto the colour plastic sheet you have to get 2 pieces that will then fit into place covering the eyes

The body armour is next and in all honesty i have absolutely no plans for this i just did it. take a look at my pics and use them as reference images. the basic form is all you need to begin with, as you can see i cut out large pieces to build up the basic form. a few circles and then random shapes to fill in the space. The details are then all put into it using a soldering iron. Again there was absolutely no plans for what to burn or where to burn it i kind of just added shapes and lines that looked good.

to be able to get in and out of the armour i kept the bottom section open allowing it to just slip over my head. the bottom can then be closed by attaching the side release clips.

next is paint. the. i decided on using grey foam as it meant i could use the grey as a base colour. i used black for the shoulder straps and then for the detail work, the rest was just the red and silver, again using more black and silver to add a worn look to the armour

the final part is obviously the gun. which i feel is typically THE thing that makes this standout as gears of war.
Download the lander papercraft gun, it should ideally be printed out 3 times as big, print it out using a setting on your printer for printing posters 3x3
this should also be printed out on thick card stock and again once complete a layer of resin on the outside to really make the whole thing solid and durable.
the paint is literally just black and silver with silver to add a worn look.

then give the whole thing a good layer of blood. the technique i used was to water down some red acrylic paint, not too watery but enough that it drips off the paint brush. then use flicks of the wrist to spatter the armour and the gun with red paint to look like you have just used the chainsaw to cut into an really make it alien like you could use something more alien like such as green or blue for the blood, but i just chose red for the sake of halloween

a lot more can be done such as boots/shin guards as well as belt and wrist guards. i chose not to do all that in this tutorial as the techniques are all the same using foam to create the parts and painting them up. hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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    You say that I need 1 piece of colored plastic? I am just wondering what it is used for and how big it should be. Also, what type of plastic? Thanks

    BTW I am planning on doing this cosplay :D thanks for your help


    Reply 5 years ago

    The coloured plastic is used for the lenses in the eyes. Personally I work in a TV studio so we have coloured sheets to change the colour of lighting. But it's also easy to find on eBay or even coloured packaging. You don't needa lot of it


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the advice! I have started this project and I was wondering if somehow you could like have a neck piece cuz I don't really want my neck exposed.