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About: I am a student at Damascus university . I study computer and automation engineering. I love calmness and tidness but when i start working on my passion i transform to another person :D .. I love Microcontrol...

Hi Geeks,
My friendAhmad Al-Shalabi and I developed a new project. We think it would be a good idea to share our results with the Instructables community.

This project depends on Homemade Resistive Touch sensors, the output of these sensors is a simple task done by the computer device :).

For example, If you touch one of the sensors that located on both sides of the screen(right and left sides), the laughing baby sound will be played. On the other hand, if you touch the middle and upper sensors, the connected device will play the sleep tune then will be hibernated after 10 seconds. Last but not least, if you touch the upper right corner, Facebook will be opened by the browser installed on your device.


Step 1: What's You Need ?

You need :
you can use wires from PC power supply to make sensors and you can use jumpers on Bread Board "i don't have jumpers so i use breadboard wires shown in Pics" .

2.Breadboard :
you can buy it from any electronics store :) .

3.Batteries :
we are need two batteries " (5volts) and small battery it's value between 0.5--2 volt ".
note: Instead of 5v battery i use 9v volts battery with 7805 voltage regulator no problem :)

4. four Resistors (6.8MOhm).

5. 2 ICs LM358 : we use it to make a sensor "when the drop voltage on IN(+) be more than thread voltage on IN(-) ,the output of Comparator is going to be nearly 3.3 volts" .

6.four capacitors(100nF) :
we use it to solve button debouncing problem.

7.Tiva C TM4C1294:
(you can use Arduino without any Problem :) ).

8.Cloth :
we use a cloth to make the project form beautiful and to disappear the wires :) .

9.avometer :
we use it to check the homemade resistors is works or not and so on ..
10. Cutter wires .
11.Medical adhesive tape :) .
12.Makeup cotton : it has a wonderful shape :)) .

Step 2: Block Diagram & Project Files Link :

Step 3: هذا الفيديو مسجل باللغة العربية :)

This video was recorded in Arabic :) ..



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