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Introduction: Collectables Storage/ Display

Deep down everyone is/has an inner geek be it comics, films, cars or even cats! The hardest part of been a geek? Your going to buy alot of stuff you love and want to show off.

Some stuff is easy such as books ,comics and art but when it comes to mugs , scale models or figures your going to need a good space and also be able to stop little hands and nosy parkers from touching and messing up your prized collection!

This is what i did it cost under £20 and people love it

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Step 1: What You Need

I built my showcase as cheap ( but without losing any quality and keeping it strong and sexy) as possible but the more lavish and well off people out there can go as crazy as you need

I used

4 bits of wood- cut to equal length For the square look

2 repurposed glass doors taken from a friend who was having a kitchen redone

3 glass shelves- buy from a glass factory or off an industrial estate this way it cost pennys . ( i paid £2 a shelf. Bargain!)

Rubber stoppers for shelf to sit on. From any diy store

2 lights i had around the house. Previously used in the loft. Equaly as good are the press on lights avalible from all pound stores. Excellent idea if you home for the showcase isnt near a mains plug

Step 2: "It Easy When You Know"

It realy is easy and i like to keep my posts easy to digest, so here we go-

Make a nice solid square from your wood , making sure your shelves will fit and your doors are the correct size

Once secured make some holes to add the rubber stoppers for the ahelves to fit comfotably ontop

Drill the hinges of your doors on but before making permanant attach the doors and make sure they open and close easy and are level with each other

If your using lights- in the top section of wood, before making your square outside, drill the correct holes to add your light fitting and wires. If you use press on lights , these usely just simply stick where you wish with the help of some sticky pads!!

Step 3: Show It Off

Its your passion , its your love. Show the world

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    4 years ago

    I did think about a background poster but wasnt what i was looking for. I wanted it to look minimalistic. But then i got more toys! Lol


    5 years ago



    5 years ago on Introduction

    The display shelves are pretty good. I like the way they show off the collectables and your reuse of glass for the doors. However, the part that makes this go from cool to awesome is the fact you populated the display case with Star Wars! Totally awesome dude. Love the lightsaber on top. You are correct, the inner geek must be released once in a while.