"Geek-ify" Your Bluetooth Headset




This Instructable will show you how to expose the insides of your bluetooth while still keeping it functional.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

Cell Phone
Bluetooth Device, (I used a Nokia Headset)
Small Screwdriver
Super Glue
Velcro or Double Sided Tape

Step 2: Take It Apart

This is probably the easiest part of this!
All you do is take your little screwdriver and take out all of the screws on your bluetooth device.
If your bluetooth doesn't have screws, just pull it apart.

Step 3: Look at That Tiny Battery!

Now that you have it apart, now you gotta find some way to keep the battery from falling out.
I used velcro because I couldn't find anything else.
You may want to try experiments on it later on so keep it removable. (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!)
Put Vecro on the battery and where it sits inside.
Or you could use double sided tape.

Step 4: Will It Stay on My Ear?!?!?!

Remember those things that help the bluetooth to your ear?
Well I hope you didn't throw them away! You need them!
All you gotta do is glue them back on!
Because the front plate help them together you have to find some other way to keep them attached.
Just glue them to the headset! Thats it!
But make sure that you put them on right!

Step 5: W00t! You Did It!

You are complete!
Arise from your workstand, jump for joy, then sit like nothing just happened.
Now all you have to do is test it to make sure you didn't screw it up. (I don't see how you could though.)
Mine still does!

I took the screw out of the component board and wrapped tape around it to keep it safe.

*****UPDATE!***** again
I have been using this for about a day and am satisfied with the results but I cant press the button on the side so I advise that if you do this that you tell your phone to answer automatically.


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