Love Letter Using Vbscript

Introduction: Love Letter Using Vbscript

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Hello guys... i'm back with another instructable but this time......its a romantic instructable...!!!

In this instructable i'm gonna show you to (1) write a love letter and (2) to say I love you your girl friend by using vbscript (i.e in a geeky way) !!!

ok lets get started..!!!

In this modern world i think it is a geeky way to express love and impress lover...!

Step 1: Coding :--- to Write Love Letter..!!!

what it does:--

it just opens the notepad and maximizes the notepad and then it types the love letter....

i'm not expert in writin cantg love letters so I searched internet and copied some phrases and used in my program....but if you want to make your own love letter you can modify it...!!! or you can download my letter..!!!


you can download the code which is in txt format....(becoz i cant type the code which is big )

or if you want to try vbscript file you can also download that...(to see how it works)

saving :--

save the file as "love letter.vbs"

Step 2: Coding :-- to Say I Love You ...!!!

how to work with that:--

when we deal with sapi voice ...we should use commas (for example see in my code)and sometimes we have to change our spellings according to the voice (for example i have changed my name instead of roshan)..!!!


dim speechobject

set speechobject=createobject("sapi.spvoice")

For i=1 To 3 speechobject.speak "i love u , natasha" Next

speechobject.speak "from , rush,an"

saving the file :--

save it as "love proposal.vbs"

Step 3: Surprising..!!!

surprising your GF or BF....

method 1:-- (use icon)

you should not give your lover this vbscript can use any software to change the icon so that it looks attractive..!!!

method 2:-- (bind with other file )

you can use easy binder software to bind this file with other important file..!!! (If you don't know how to do this you can see in my other instructables)

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