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Since i work for a company dealing with low volume PCB assembly, i come in contact with a lot of smd part. Some how i got an idea to make an earings out of the parts. I used ICs from old motherboards. I was looking for similar parts. They both have same package but have different labels since they are from different manufacturer. This way earings are kind of alike but at the same time, they are different :)
To make those earing i used bitumen to attach earing stud to the part. I got this from a friend ( ) who makes jewels ( ).

And because we are talking about jewelry, the jewelry has to have a nice box. Of course geeky one :) I got a box from a shop selling jewelry. The lady behind the desk was so kind that she gave me one for free. I used some more smd parts to decorate earings box. I superglued smd ICs on the box from all sides. Integrated circuits are also called bugs so you can imagine it as a creepy earing box with bufs crawling all over it :)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really hope these had lead free solder on them. If not I wouldn't recommend anybody wearing them.