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Introduction: Geico Made of Money Man Costume

I've made a couple of homemade Halloween costumes in the past, but didn't think I would this year as I moved to a new apartment in the summer (I like to start on Halloween early) and didn't really have a good costume idea anyway.  I had seen the Geico Made of Money Man commercial many times before, but one day in September, it finally clicked with me that I could probably make it fairly quickly.  So I bought a few packs of fake money and voila, it's been a success so far!

Step 1: Lots and Lots of Glue

At first, I was going to use a haz mat suit as the base, but realized that might not be easy to get out of when using the bathroom, so I changed it to a sweatshirt and sweat pants.  Not only is it comfortable, but it's easy to put on and take off.

I purchased about 1000 bills of Motion Picture Money on eBay.  I already had two hot glue guns, and bought a few packs of glue sticks and started gluing.  I began with the shirt, starting at the bottom and working my way up. I decided to lay it out like a tile floor, but more random.  I glued down a good base of bills, just to cover the shirt, then I added more bills, as needed, to fill in gaps.

Step 2: The Head

I used a head sleeve made for hunters and used the same concept--I started gluing bills at the bottom working my way up.  I didn't worry about making the head look exactly like the costume since I was going to wear a motorcycle helmet.  I used the part of the sleeve that can cover the mouth as the "beard."  I folded each bill in halves and quarters, to make them smaller, and glued them to that part of the sleeves, tucking them over the fabric to create the beard.

Step 3: The Face

If you look at the real guy's face, it looks like he has dollar bills all over, especially on the left cheek and forehead.  The only way I knew to do this, easily, was to wear temporary tattoos.  I couldn't find any pre-made tattoos, so I purchased tattoo paper online, inserted multiple pictures of the back of a dollar bill in Microsoft Word, and printed my own temporary tattoos.  I only had a few sheets of paper, so I didn't get to practice my full face until the debut.  While the tattoos looked good, it was hard to make them look blended with makeup.  Plus, they were stiff and hard to remove.  So I opted to use strictly makeup instead.  I used a mint green colored concealer and mixed in white makeup and powder with it to make it look textured.  Even though it wasn't the exact color of the money, it blended in well, especially in dark lighting.

Step 4: Accessories

In the commercial, it appears that his fingers are wrapped in bills.  I needed to be able to grab or hold onto things so I bought some motorcycle gloves, with cut-off fingers, at the Halloween store and glued dollar bill in the top of each opening to cover my fingers.  The helmet is actually a kid's army helmet that I also found at the Halloween store.  The original color was army green, so I spray-painted it black.  I printed off a label with the Geico logo and attached it to the front of the helmet.  The boots are women's motorcycle boots I found on  The mustache and eyebrows are Motion Picture Money, cut to size, and attached with spirit gum.

All-in-all, my most favorite and successful costume so far!



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    can you please give me the link to the store on ebay you bought the money from ?
    was 1000 bills too many or just the right amount ?
    thank you !

    1 reply

    I don't think the particular eBay user I bought the prop money from is still on there, but I just did a search for "movie money" and there are all kinds of products available. Be sure the description reads that all the bills are printed individually because lots of the prop money is stacks of bills with a printed bill on top, a printed bill on the bottom, and blank paper in between.

    I think 1000 bills was just right as I seemed to always find a gap to fill. Hope this helps

    So original I love it! What'd you use to paint your face?


    3 years ago

    Monae Monae Monae

    Inspiration just came to me .... A geico money man costume!

    Great costume. I bet it was a real hit with your friends.

    Very Nice Work, by a Very Pretty Young Woman :-)

    Grand idea and well done. Never heard of Motion Picture Money.

    Very well done, and you made it sound so easy. I'm green with envy ;)

    So cool I just said mom I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween next year