Gelitine Soap

Introduction: Gelitine Soap

It's jelly and soap it's fun and easy to make and use

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Step 1: Ingredients

6 tea spoons of fairy liquid 3 packets of jellitine Moulds Hot water Food colouring 2 bowls

Step 2: Jelly

Put gelitine in bowl and add hot water until most of the gelitine is dissolved and none more will dissolve

Step 3: Soapy

Get the soap then put it in the bowl then add vanilla extract if you want then the colouring and mix then mix both bowls together

Step 4: Moulding

Put liquid in the moulds and set aside to dry

Step 5: Spares

Put spare soap In a cup and just mix it and have fun with it

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    6 years ago

    Where does it say you need soap in the ingredients?