Generate 101 Uses for Old Monitor in Half an Hour!




Introduction: Generate 101 Uses for Old Monitor in Half an Hour!

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Ever had an old CRT monitor lying around when that big LCD monitor took its place? This instructable generates 101 ideas on what to do with it! You can use this method for anything else. I am demonstrating it here using an example of an old CRT monitor
(I have salvaged this idea from one of my older blog)

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Step 1: Break Down the Problem

Think about what all qualities the problem has.
The CRT monitor can be broken down into the elements shown in the picture. Besides this, lets not forget other aspects like,
- The monitor has some weight
- It has a power chord
- There is vacuum inside the picture tube
- The Monitor is made of glass
- The surface of the monitor is smooth

Step 2: Use Each of the Aspect to Generate an Idea

Ask yourself, "How can I use the glass surface of the monitor?", You say, "I can make a glass top table with it!"
Again ponder over, "What is the use for weight of the old CRT?". You answer, "I can lift it up and have a great workout!"
Think about, "Now I am marooned on an island, what use is this old CRT to me?", And you mumble, "I can burn it to send out a distress signal!"

Step 3: The List!

Here is what i could come up in half an hour! (of course, minus the actual time it took to type out the list :P )

1.    Stack together 3 – 4 CRTs to make a stool
2.    Build your muscles! Make gym equipments with CRT
3.    Tie those party balloons to CRT to prevent them from flying away
4.    Paint a CRT in funky style and make a found art piece
5.    Tie CRT to a bicycle whose brakes have failed. Drop it to stop the bicycle
6.    Use CRT instead of sandbags on hot air balloons
7.    Use CRT as counterweight to pull water from well using a bucket
8.    Make a room partition by stacking many CRTs together
9.    Drop CRT from a height to get a loud bang. Save money on crackers in Diwali
10.    Paint a CRT and use it a milestone
11.    Hang a CRT as a trophy. Show that you actually use computer so much that you burn CRTs!
12.    Remove the picture tube from the CRT and use it like a cage
13.    CRTs fetch a price in market so use it as a bribe
14.    Race the CRTs down the slope with your friends
15.    Pull out that old tooth by tying a string to your tooth and other to a CRT. Then drop the CRT from your window!
16.    Cut a slot on top of a CRT and use it like a ballot box
17.    Threaten your enemy to smash that old CRT on his head!
18.    Use the CRT casing as a pail
19.    Arrange the CRTs screen side up and save money on glass dining table!
20.    Bet your friends how many CRTs can he jump?
21.    Write messages on a CRT. Save money on a whiteboard!
22.    Swat flies with CRT instead of a newspaper
23.    Paint the CRTs white and use them as flagstones
24.    Use the casing of the old CRT for loudspeaker
25.    When at sea, use CRTs as anchor (if it sinks!)
26.    Arrange many CRTs screen up and use it as a skating rink
27.    Build a foot bridge using many old CRTs
28.    Use the old CRT for the tombstone. Show what a geek the deceased was
29.    Make a futuristic robot with a few CRT and other waste parts
30.    Punch holes in the CRT body and wear it for a fancy dress party!
31.    Impress your friends by using your CRT as a TV
32.    Make a deadweight mouse trap with the old CRT
33.    Take two drumsticks and play music on CRT
34.    Sharpen one edge of CRT and drag it in the lawn. Save on lawn mower
35.    Wear some light weight CRT as a crown! Proclaim yourself the Geek God
36.    Build a riot control barrier with many old CRTs
37.    Punch small holes in the CRT and put your pet snake in it
38.    The casing of CRT will make a good picnic basket
39.    Hold the CRT by its wire, and use it for hammer throw!
40.    Hide the secret door in your house with a stack of old CRTs and no one will find it!
41.    Stack many old CRTs to make stairs
42.    Carefully cut the picture tube and use it as a plate to serve food
43.    Punch holes in CRT and pot plants in it
44.    Save and preserve that old CRT till it will become so antique that it will fetch a lot on money
45.    Make a world record of stacking CRTs on top of each other
46.    Make a statue using old CRTs
47.    Teach kids about static electricity by rubbing the glass screen with a cotton cloth
48.    The CRT can make a fun picture frame
49.    Attach two wheels to the CRT and use it like a shopping cart
50.    Cut slots in the old CRT as a magazine rack
51.    Burn the old CRT and use the smoke for smoking fish
52.    Burn the old CRT and use the smoke for distress signals
53.    Start up a CRT themed café
54.    Use the CRTs as a weight. “I’ll have 3 CRTs of potatoes please!”
55.    Melt the CRT and use it like a glue
56.    Make a window pane out of screen of CRT
57.    Stick one CRT to another to make a ladder
58.    CRTs can be hung from ceiling to make a nice chandelier
59.    Build your muscles. Lift the CRT instead of the dumbbells
60.    Place a bulb inside the CRT and use it as a night lamp
61.    Toss the CRTs instead of regular dice
62.    Use CRTs as a bet. “I’ll bet you 2 CRTs that India will win this match!”
63.    Try to see what kinds of fungus does CRT attracts
64.    It is said on the CRT boxes that don’t exceed 40% moisture. See what happens if it does and publish a research paper
65.    Make jokes on CRT. “How many men does it take to change a CRT?”
66.    Make a new money system that deals only with CRTs
67.    Make a religion that worships CRTs
68.    Cast shadows of CRT and make shadow puppet
69.    Instead of a bell, ring a CRT
70.    Arrange many CRTs to make a coffee table
71.    Train yourself in boxing. Punch the CRTs
72.    Blow air in a CRT and make nice music. Publish on Youtube, become famous
73.    Play indoor golf by hitting balls into the CRTs
74.    Cut a CRT and make a fan from it
75.    Use the old coil from the CRT to create magnetic field as a science project
76.    Build a tent with old CRTs and go on indoor picnic
77.    Use the perforated side of CRT as a sieve
78.    Replace traffic light with CRTs with bulbs inside
79.    Punch hole in CRT and make a scary mask
80.    Make a comic strip “CRT man” and become famous
81.    Make a new martial art style that uses CRT as a weapon! “CRT Lee”
82.    Place a plank on the old CRT and let the kids play see-saw
83.    Glass melts around 660 deg C and plastic at 110 deg C. So CRT can serve as double point thermometer
84.    Sing songs about the old CRT and make it famous!
85.    Take the wire of CRT and hang it from a building to measure its height.
86.    Fill the casing of CRT with helium and see it float
87.    Make a small hole in the CRT and use it like a pin hole camera
88.    Use the CRT as a door stopper
89.    Tie stings across the screen of CRT and play is like an harp
90.    Use CRTs in hurdle races
91.    Use CRT as a counterweight and make a medieval catapult
92.    Rotate the CRT on its stand to make a roulette wheel
93.    Use the CRT to draw straight lines, if straight otherwise to draw curves
94.    Use a CRT to store your secret stuff. No one looks in old CRT
95.    Use CRT to press clothes
96.    Put CRT screen up and paint squares on it to play chess
97.    Cut the plastic rear part of CRT and wear it like a hat
98.    Use the CRT as a coat hanger
99.    Use the CRT edges to measure ninety degrees
100.   Measure 4:3 aspect ratios using CRT
101.   Arrange 64 CRTs in alternate black and white in 8 x 8 square and play a BIG chess game!

Feel free to add more :)

On a more serious note, the best use for an old CRT monitor is RECYCLE IT!
Follow the Environment Protection Agency guidelines for donating or recycling electronics items!
This instructable is only ment to demostrate the idea generation technique

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    10 Discussions


    Best idea: Plug it into your computer and admire it's superior colour depth!

    Although I do quite like this one: "Make a religion that worships CRTs"


    4 years ago

    A lot of these ideas are dangerous. CRT monitors are coated on the inside with a carcinogenic material. As well as having a vacuum inside. So make sure you remove the actual tube before trying any of these ideas


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You will pray for your old CRT's a few years later. :)

    I realize this is "tongue in cheek" but to anyone thinking of using any part of an old monitor keep in mind that the things are loaded with toxins like fire retardants,phosphers etc. & should never be used around food or animals. !!

    Lectric Wizard
    Lectric Wizard

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Also the CRTs are high vaccuum & can implode destructively...


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Not only do they implode they also ricochet violently...I still have a facial scar from forty odd years ago when an old TV I'd found extracted it's revenge (yes I am THAT old)


    6 years ago on Step 3

    The list actually made me chuckle. Riot control? Genius. Thank you!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    sash weights for large windows? counterweights so ou can remove those dangerous helper springs from your garage door? Parking spot savers for in the city.

    Bait, to catch a scrapper(warning, risk of busted plastic and broken glass if you aren't quick)

    Tired of traffic through your town? sick of the pesky wind? Dump enough of them into a small pond near the center of town, and the EPA will install a fully functional, unbreakable, hazard dome for you. Just make sure to plug any pesky sandbox sinkholes before the neighbors ruin your new isolated living conditions. Who knows, if all goes well, you might just be living in the next national park(the new, NEW grand canyon)


    6 years ago

    I make fish tanks out of CRTs