Generate Electricity From Dirt




Introduction: Generate Electricity From Dirt

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In this project we will learn to make a simple cell which can easily provide 3 to 4 v and is made from dirt.


  • some copper wire
  • some steel nails
  • some dirt
  • ice tray r egg container

it can easily lightup small led

you can connect it in series for more power

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Step 1: Procedure.

start with copper wire and nails. Then make the connectors as shown in picture make many of them then fill the containers with dirt and insert the copper-steel thing after i measure the voltage and you are good to go.this is a small fun project.

Step 2: Connections:

we have to make a series connection between the cells of dirt and connect the cell with each others by using copper anode and steel anode.follow the diagram given above.

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