Generating Energy From Gravity

This device is capable of generating alternating current from gravity and can be used as a alternating current power supply and as a frequency generator up to 1000 Hertz.As this is alternating current this can directly be converted into higher and lower voltage or amperage as per your project. If the speed of the motor is increased it can deliver up to 500 volts and 300 milliamps.


This project creates alternating current and unlike direct current this can penetrate human skin with very low voltage and hurts very much so make this or use this at your own responsibility and be very care full.If the speed of the motor is increased the output voltage may become lethal. So make this project at your own risk.

Step 1: Get the Components

  • microwave A.C synchronous motor
  • pulley
  • weights
  • string
  • Light Emitting Diodes(L.E.D)

NOTE: The motor works fine at first but if too much pressure is applied the gears may break and after a long time usage they do.

Step 2: Making the Project

First, we have to open the motor and remove all the gears and attach the magnet to the pulley.

After that is done we need to attach the motor to the base and attach the string to the weight and around the pulley.

The project is basically complete and to see that this is A.C voltage you can add two L.E.D lights parallel to the output so both light up with the oscillation.

You can extend the period of this giving energy if you add gears or a pulley mechanism and to get more energy simply add more weight making the motor turn faster.

Here's a video i made that explains how all this works.



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    1 year ago

    Nice project. You explore lots of interesting concepts.

    Of course you are not generating energy from gravity..... you are converting the potential energy of the weight into electricity. And the potential energy of the weight came from YOU! You lifted the weight up from a lower level to a higher level. You are the source of the energy, not gravity. ;-)

    Keep up the good work!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I know but also without the gravity the weight would not come down and the title is much more attractive this way.


    1 year ago

    That's a neat project, it would be interesting to see a video of it working :)

    2 replies