Generating Tones of Different Kinds Using Mathematical Equations (MathsMusic) Arduino

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Project Description:

New journey has begun where ideas can be easily implemented using open source community (Thanks to Arduino). So here is a way

· Look around yourself and observe your surrounding

· Discover Problems which needs to be solved

· Think , Try and keep learning and share

· Most important what I call is KEEP IT SIMPLE :)

· Repeat

My intention was to make a musical based project using arduino platform

So I searched over internet and found amazing creative projects but I wanted to make my own stuff!

So I came across this tone() function from arduino library. Below is a link you can find descriptive information about it

Now after reading about tone() function ideas started its journey.

Basically tone() function as you would have read generates Sound of Some frequency you pass it in a parameter. So I thought how can I use this single function to generate different kinds of sound ?

Answer was in mathematics we all use maths everyday its logic its about solving mysteries

Of this universe (Sentence from famous Numb3rs tv series)…

Idea is to make sound which can be generated using mathematical equations let’s call it MathMusic

In this Project I used :

· Area’s equation of Simple Geometrical Shapes (Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Triangle and circle)

· Quadratic Equation and Fibonacci Series.

to generate sound. Now you can expand this project and discover some new music using different equations or formula …

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Step 1: Stuffs You Need to Make This Project

Tools Required to Make this project:

  • Arduino UNO board
  • Speaker or buzzer i would recommend speaker for good quality of sound
  • one 220 ohm resistor to secure circuit from damage
  • Jumper wires to connect arduino and speaker


You must install Arduino IDE to upload your programs from computer to board.

if you don't have no worry Below is a link to install Arduino IDE

Step 2: Schematic

You can also make your circuit using below link

Step 3: How to Run the Program Using Arduino

First of All You need to connect the Arduino Board to your pc or computer through usb cable

Then Download and install Arduino IDE Software link has been given.

At Last Download the zip file which contains source code of this project

So Start and make something new out of it !

Step 4: Demo Video

Step 5:

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    4 Discussions

    Nikhil Ashokan

    9 months ago

    The serial monitor is not working, it reads COM1 is not available so what can i do

    1 reply

    you will need to change port name check below pic or change port name from device manager->port settings-> Advance