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Introduction: Generator Building

High end, whole house generator building, with storage space for plenty of fuel.



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    Although I have not had any problems, if I were to do this again, I would take StanWig's advice and use double wall, or greater insulation for the exhaust, where it comes into near proximity with combustibles. I will try to post temperatures under load when I get a chance.

    I don't doubt that it was in the 200's at no load, so there's probably nothing wrong with your IR gun. Just a friendly suggestion to check the engine data sheet for max exhaust gas temp. If you end up running for hours on end, the exhaust piping and everything around it will be the same temp as the exhaust gas. Even if you are only running it 50-60% loaded (10-12kW) you could get up above 500 degrees F.
    That vinyl soffit could also deform or melt at relatively low temps (200s) as well.
    I'll be just fine if you prove me wrong, but again would encourage you to be double-sure on that. Good luck.

    Thank you. I checked, and rechecked the temps with an infrared gun, and have posted what I got. I do agree with you, and thought the temps would be higher. But I will note that all of this was with the engine running at 1800 rpm, no load. Crankcase was at 200 degrees, max. Maybe my gun is not calibrated at higher temps, but it seems to be accurate at other things I have used it for.

    This is a good-looking installation. One thing I think you should double-check is the exhaust temp. Your vid mentioned 300 deg. and I think that's really low. I sell commercial gensets and to check myself I looked up our 20kw and the exhaust temp @ 1/4 load was over 350 and at full rated load was over 900 deg. I don't have any engine specs on the Perkins, but I'd ask for the model data sheet, specifically for the exhaust temps. It looks like you over-built everything (my kind of guy!) so I'd hate to see your hard work damaged.