Genji's (Carbon Fiber) Armor EN/FR Armure De Genji Overwatch




About: Graduate in Biochemistry, i am currently studying molecular biology. I am also interested in electronics. Self-taught, i create, repair, modify a whole bunch of things to make them better or just for fun.


Price : +- 12$ (+ sportwear)

Material :


Prix : +-10€ (+tenue de sport)

Matériel :

Step 1: Use the Reference Kit to Draw a Template in the Foam and Cut It

FR : A l'aide du kit de référence, dessiner un modèle dans la mousse EVA et coupez le.

Step 2: Use the Foam As Model to Cut the Rubber and Glue It to the Foam

FR : Utilisez la mousse comme modèle pour couper dans le caoutchouc

Step 3: Pierce Holes and Glue the Magnets

EN :

I used a red hot piece tube of metal to pierce de big holes trough the EVA and the rubber.

I used a heated screwdriver to melt the top of the foam. Don't pass trough the foam ! The small holes will serve as support to glue the magnets.

FR :

J'ai utilisé un cylindre de métal chauffé au rouge pour percer les gros trous à travers l'EVA et le caoutchouc.

Pour les plus petits trous, j'ai utilisé un tournevis lui aussi chauffé pour faire fondre le dessus de la mousse. Ne traverser pas la mousse pour cette étape ! Les petits trous servirons de support pour y coller les aimants.

Step 4: Paint the Plastron

Step 5: Follow the Same Procedure for the Rest of the Armor

FR : Suivez la même procédure pour le reste de l'armure

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8: Add the Light

EN : Cut small strip of LED to fit in the holes

FR : Coupez de petites bandes de LED rentrant dans les trous

Step 9: Test the LED

EN : When you are satisfied with the effect, add all the LED

FR : Quand vous ête satisfait de l'effet ajoutez toutes les LED

Step 10: Add Some Silicone to Secure the LED and Diffuse the Light

FR : Ajoutez un peu de silicone pour fixer les LED et diffuser la lumière

Step 11: Add the Electronic and Glue All

Step 12: Final Result

EN : All the parts are fixed with magnet on the other side of the t-shirt.

FR : Toutes les parties sont fixées à l'aide d'aimants se trouvant de l'autre côté du collant.



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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This costume turned out great! I have a few questions about the materials used. Would you please elaborate on:

    1. What material is the sheet rubber? Did you pick a specific durometer?

    2. What type of glue did you use to bond the EVA foam to the sheet rubber?

    Thank you for sharing - it's much appreciated.

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi :D Thank you for your interest.

    1) The term "Sheet rubber" was the only term that I found to describe the product that I used :p (I'm Belgian, my English level isn't' excellent).I simply used an anti-slip mat for car. I have no information about the proprieties of this material.

    2) I used "classical" transparent contact glue (neoprene or something like that).

    I hope that helped :D