Genkidama RGB Lamp




Introduction: Genkidama RGB Lamp

You like Dragon Ball? or your friend does and you want an original gift for him?

Here is the solution :p : DIY Genkidama lamp

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Step 1:

I didn't take pictures all the long so here is the most important :

You need to buy Genkidama figure

and Supernova Lamp

You can take any lamp you want but this one is really great!!

The support is made of wood.

I cut 2 pieces : one 15cm*15 and another 15cm * 30cm

Then using wood screws and wood glue i made L-Form

I made a hole so i can access the small button one the lamp to switch between the different modes

Using a Jigsaw i tried to give a nice shape as you can see on the pictures.

I painted it twice.

Using bi contact glue i fixed the lamp on the top.

I fixed the figure using just double sided tape.

I put carpet one the bottom, it's nice and smooth and protective

The lamp came with 120VAC so i had to use a 12V 230VAC since i live in France

Using On-Off switch you can turn ON and OFF the lamp.

Enjoy the demo ;)

Step 2: The Video

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    4 years ago

    Very cool gift! Thanks for sharing how you made it.