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Introduction: Genuine Leather Mask

Halloween Masquerade Party

Do you want your very own genuine leather party mask?

In this tutorial, you will learn how much fun creating your own mask really is. Have fun with this project because there are many different ways to be creative. For example, choose rivet shapes of your choice!

Step 1: Create Stencil of a Basic Mask...


• Scrap leather of your choice (6"x8") (2mm thick)

• Poster board, cardboard or paper
Pencil, ruler, scissors

• Leather hole punch (or needle)

• Leather thread (or ribbon)

• Rivets of your choice (or earrings)

• Rivet setter (or hand tool)

• Solder gun with universal point (optional)

Several ways to begin...

• Use pencil and paper to draw basic shapes of eyes and mask. Add your own design.

• Print your choice of basic mask.

In this tutorial, I used my own basic design of a simple mask. Then, I modified to look like bat wings for Halloween. Be creative!

Step 2: Cut, Trace and Cut Again...

• Cut out shape you have chosen or created. Make sure mask fits over your eyes.

• Trace pattern onto backside of leather with pencil.

• Cut out pattern in leather.

TIPS: 2mm thickness of leather works best for this project

Before you cut out eyes, use hole in center to get started. Gradually, make smaller cuts around eyes. Again, make sure mask fits over your eyes.

Step 3: Smooth Out Rough Edges...

There are many ways to smooth out rough edges...

• Use small scissors to snip off excess leather.

• Use solder gun (low heat). Run universal point along edges.

• Use leather cutter to trim along backside of edges.

Step 4: Finishing Touches...

• Begin molding your leather mask with your hands until you create the shape you want. Fold or bend leather in areas such as eyebrow ridge, nose and wings.

TIP: sometimes steam helps during this process

• Punch one hole a half inch from edge of leather on both sides (right above your ears). Use genuine leather string and thread through holes. Tie off and cut to desired length. If you prefer ribbon, use dull side of needle to feed through holes.

• Punch holes in wings for rivets. (star-shaped or your choice)

Step 5: Show Off Your New Mask...

• Wear your new, unique mask to the next Halloween or masquerade party or give as a gift!

• Show off your crafty work.

• Tell all your friends how much money you saved by making your very own genuine leather mask.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    By the way, thank you for your compliment!


    3 years ago

    Your mask turned out looking good!

    Do you soak the leather before forming? I've seen some people do that, but I'm curious if it's necessary.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I recommend just a little steam to keep it simple. For example, hold it over a vaporizer (about 8") or just hang mask near shower. The idea is to soften the leather just enough to hold it's shape when you fold and bend into desired shape. Sometimes clothes pins help. Don't forget to place soft cloth between leather and clothes pin to protect leather from unwanted impressions.