Ok so im going to show you my geo-pen it is very much like my first instructable the geocach log I made well I said i hade a Geo pen so here it is.

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Step 1: What Do We Need...

First we already have the address tube.

We have a pen,
We have paper,
We have pliers,
We have sizers,

We have all we need to make a geo pen.

Step 2: First Step

Now we can make our Geo-Pen but were to start?

Ok so first we need our pen cut to size of the paper.

Step 3: Role It Up Arround the Pen Ink.

Ok so now this is the hardest part because you need to role the paper arround the pen ink with it still fiting in the address tube...

Ok so once we have got it nice and hard so the pen wont move much so you can write with it you can test it on some paper...

Step 4: Congragulations You've Done It... You Have Made a Geo-Pen

Great now you can put this on your keychain and you will always have a pen on you...

Ok so it isnt hard put its very handy especily when you sign a geocache log...

Step 5: What Happens Next.

Who know you might even sign 1000's of geocache logs with this pen.

Step 6: Join My Group



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