Geo-decent (Dome) Green House

Introduction: Geo-decent (Dome) Green House

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This instructable will guide you step by step on building a geo-decent green house. These instructions are for a dome that is 4'5'' tall with a 9' diameter. and a 1'9'' base to raise the dome.

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Step 1: Materials

Decedent Dome:

-3/4''PVC of two lengths (Referred to as A and B)

(If you are making a smaller or bigger dome you can use the following link to determine your A and B lengths for your desired size dome

-A: 35

-B: 30

Connector hubs:

- More PVC pipe but thicker and with a diameter of 4 inches

These hubs will connect each of the pieces of PVC

-5 sided connector hub: 6

-6 sided connector hub: 20

Zip ties:

-At least 150

Base- (If your dome is not tall enough this will raise it higher)

-minimum 70 feet of 2X4 wood

(when buying wood make sure to take into account spare amounts of wood)

This is the amount of wood that we used for our base but this will change if you chose to build a bigger dome

Step 2: Preparing Materials for Dome

For your dome you will need

- 2 different sizes of PVC pipe

-A saw (we used a chop saw)

-Forster Drill Bit (must have a greater diameter than the smaller pipe)

Using the thinner pipe start by cutting 35 pieces that are 2' 9 - 3/8" long (A) and 30 pieces that are 2' 5 - 1/2" long(B). Once your pipes are cut you will need to drill holes on each end of the PVC pipe that go all the way through the pipe and are at least and inch away from the edge You will also need to cut 26, 2'' inch long rings. these will go in the center of your hubs and will connect all of the longer links together.

Now using the thicker pipe you will cut 3'' hubs. these serve to distribute any pressure put on the structure and make it stronger. Using the hubs and the two charts provided you can mark you hubs to create holes for the smaller pipe to go through. We used a 1-1/2'' forstner drill bit on a drill press to make our holes. You will need 6, 5-way Hubs and 20, 6-way hubs

Step 3: Putting the Dome Together

You will need

-Zip ties

-5 way Connector hubs

-6 way Connector hubs

-A and B length pipes

First you will need to connect the pipes to all the 5 way connector hubs. To do this you will put your B length pipe through the holes on the connector hub, then weave your zip ties through the holes on the edges of the pipe and around the smaller ring of PVC. repeat until all five sides and all six hubs Then using the A length pipe and a 6 way hub connect the pipe to one side of the connected then work your way around to create something that looks like the second picture.

Step 4: Building the Base

You will need

-L brackets


Start by cutting 10 2' pieces of wood and align them under the dome to make sure it fits perfectly. Cut another 20 pieces that are 4 inches long. remove the dome and carefully align the 20 pieces over and under each of the joints, then screw them on.

Cut 27 pieces of 1-1/2' long wood and align 2 on each side them so they sit evenly in the middle and screw them down with the L brackets. then place a third piece of wood on top of the two on each side.

Step 5: Attaching the Dome to the Base

(This will be more than a one person job)

lift up the base and align it over the base it should sit on top of the base without falling. Then carefully go around and loop the rope around the bottom of the dome and the top of the base and tie a knot. This is what we did bu there are many more ways to secure your dome onto the base.

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