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Introduction: Geometric Art and Geeky Play Feature

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So I uploaded this picture to my Facebook and got a lot of good responses, amongst which was one which asked for one, so this is really for those who want something to do in their next bank holiday....

So.... I had read this instructable: by Edje09 which had a geometric art project that looked easy enough, and my own geeky side took over and thought, 'Wouldn't it be good if there were more designs you could make with the same canvases!' so I got on and started designing some simple patterns and tried to see where they would take me.

This is my first instructable, so please comment or favourite so that I know whether to put up more!

Step 1: Designing

So this was my design... I used a common spreadsheet programme and set it up so all the cells were the same size. 

I thought that I would make it fairly simple, and experimented with splitting each canvas into 4, 9, 16, etc and thought that a 3x3 was best on account that:

1. There were enough different sides to make for an interesting shape
2. There weren't so many sides that canvases wouldn't be interchangeable
3. There weren't so many sides that my lazy self would get bored of masking areas off and consigning this project to the list of many 'in progress' - read 'abandoned' projects.

I then looked at how many different designs for the whole piece that I could make for the fewest designs of individual canvas.

It turns out that having a single canvas design produces boring art, so I picked 3 different designs (Red Square, Purple Square, Brown Square have the design for each of the 3).

Step 2: Materials

You will need: 
1x Tape Measure,
1x Set Square
1x Roll of thick tape
1x Stanley Knife/Box Cutter/Scissors
9x Canvases
9x Paints - I used B&Q Paint tester pots as they were cheap and came in eclectic colours

Not Shown:
18 x Picture Hooks
Paint Brushes (I used sponges because I didn't fancy buying 9 brushes and sponges are cheap!)

Step 3: Masking and Painting

Basically, mark out areas with the masking tape.... then paint!

This sounds a lot simpler than it is... here are my hints and tips and cautionary tales!
1. the canvases I got came in little plastic wrappers. If you cut from the middle of the back diagonally out to the corners, you produce a plastic sheet approx 1.5 times larger than the canvas in each direction. This will allow you to keep the canvas clean while masking and stretching the canvas.
2. be careful to measure and mark - twice helps... If you mark from both sides of the frame and the lines don't meet, its a sign that you have gone wrong!
3. be careful with your knife when cutting your tape (i.e. for the little tricky bits that don't go the whole length of the canvas... cutting a canvas is not cool!
4. following from point 2.... by bulk canvases - they come in boxes of 10 and the spare is helpful.
5. painting is messy, put down a sheet. You may have seen my black rug on the previous step, it took a lot to get it clean!
6. plan your painting so that you have enough space to get your designs to dry... or if you don't live in England you may be able to do this outside.
7. if you claim to be, as I do, a geek.... it is particularly embarrassing when you say you need 9 paints and then you buy 8.... Buy 9, you need them all and the trip to the hardware store is a long and lonely one.
8. To test if your paint is dry, touch the bits of paint that are on the masking tape - if it is dry then great, if it isn't then you haven't left a fingerprint on your finished artwork!

Step 4: Hang and Admire

To finish the piece and admire it properly, I laid out my picture hooks, 2 per canvas so that they would support the frame of the canvas. This isn't technically the way you should do it, but I couldn't be having with adding a wire to every canvas, though you are free to.

I didn't however, because:
1. it wouldn't have given me as much freedom to do the things in the next step, and
2. if they were on string/wire they mightn't all sit at the right height.... plus...
3. I put the picture hooks in too high so the top row would hit the ceiling if they were on wires, but most importantly,
4. its my project and who's gonna tell me no?!

Anyways.... once there are hooks on the wall.... Hook your canvases to the wall.

Step 5: Review, Adjust and Admire (again)

So remember how I said I wanted my art to make more designs?

Well by using the hooks on the frame, it allows the canvases to be
1. removed, replaced and swapped easily (see the top row of designs)
2. rotated and moved (bottom left).

I have left one other design in because I liked the idea of it, but I don't have room in my house to try out using the canvases in any configuration other than a 3x3 square.....

Please upload pictures or comments if you try to make these and/or have the room for me to see what its like in other configurations! 

Final one.....
I have thought about spraying these with chalkboard paint like the stuff at the link below, so that it could become a game for kid's.... ok, geeks.... ok, me..... in that it's kind of an endless and easily changed and re-used maze..... what do people think?

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love the colours and the compositions! Really gorgeous! (You did make a mistake in the finished piece, but I think that is because of the colours)

    You should make it a chalkboard too, how much fun would that be?! Don't know if you'll chalk a lot on it, but the possibility makes it even more fun!

    Really curious about your next instructables!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much! I did... this was due to the availability of paints when I went! I also played around with the orientation and order of the canvases so it is a bit different from the plan!

    I think I shall make it a chalkboard.... I won't do very much drawing on it, but the possibilities are rather fun!!