Geometric Shapes and Structures Lesson




Introduction: Geometric Shapes and Structures Lesson

This is a geometric shapes and structures lesson plan that incorporates art into the learning process. 

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials needed are scissors, pipe cleaner, and a computer. 

Step 2: Students Will Look at an Artwork and Identify the Shapes and Structures in the Artwork.

The Scream, by Salvador Dali could be used. 

Step 3:

Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper is another example. 

Step 4:

Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh is another possibility. This is the example I will use for this instructable. 

Step 5: Students Will Look at an Artwork Using a Computer.

They will look at the image, and pick out shapes and structures they see. 

Step 6: Students Will Choose Part of the Image, or Perhaps the Whole Image, to Recreate Using Pipe Cleaner.

For this example, one of the houses was chosen to recreate with pipe cleaner.

Step 7: Take the Pipe Cleaner and Manipulate It Into Shapes and Images That Are in the Artwork.

I'm going to make the house that's in the artwork, but I also made some swirls that I saw in the image.

Step 8: Cut the Pipe Cleaner to the Length You'd Like, and Bend the Pipe Cleaner Until It's the Shape You Want.

Step 9: Here Is My Finished Product of the House, With Some of the Swirls As Well.

Step 10: Tips and Tricks

At first, I didn't think I would need scissors. I found that since the pipe cleaners are all the same length, it can be hard to make certain shapes without cutting them down. 

Step 11: Another Tip

I found sometimes it's hard to get pipe cleaner perfectly straight, which can be troublesome because the geographic shapes and figures need to have straight sides. After working with the pipe cleaner for a bit I managed to get it straight enough; I think the point gets across without making the pipe cleaner exactly straight. 

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