Geometrical Paper Objects for Christmas





Introduction: Geometrical Paper Objects for Christmas

Included 4 templates with different designs - octahedron, double obelisk, icosahedron, and trapezohedron.

This is what you'll need:

Colorful a4 paper sheets.
Double-sided tape or white glue.
Crafting knife
Cutting mat.
Metal ruler.

Download templates. Print template on colorful paper. Cut out shape following outline. Score inside lines, be careful DO NOT PRESS TO HARD other ways you will cut through paper (you can see in video that I actually done it) it is not and of world, but just extra job fix cut lines with paper tape.

Fold scored lines! Glue double-sided tape to flops! Connect edges!

You can use shapes as you wish, glue thread to object and hang on Christmas tree, explore geometrical object with kids, use as present box!

Have fun!

Please post images with use!



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    Hey, these are great! Thank you for sharing the files. Gonna have to make these over the weekend with the kids. Thanks!

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