Gerber Multi-Tool "Covert Entry" Tool Mod




Introduction: Gerber Multi-Tool "Covert Entry" Tool Mod

This instructable is about installing a small lock picking tool selection into a common military issued Gerber Multi-Tool. The reason I made this is because there was a file that had broken off of my Multi-Tool a long time ago (that I never used anyways) so I thought I would install a more useful tool(s) in the empty void that was left. A total of 3 lock picks and 1 tension tool all fit where 1 metal file was installed from the factory! This lock picking tool selection is the basics you need to get into most locks.

Step 1: Disassembly

It's time to pick what handle you want your new tool selection to go into. When you have picked; you need to undo the tool selection retaining fastener. Some have hex heads or require a special tool to get off like mine.. Which I Dident have so I used needle - nose pliers. In the 2nd picture of this step you will notice all of the tools laid out. The small one at the very bottom is all that is left of the file after it broke. I will replace this broken piece with my lock pick selection.

Step 2: Measurement Collection (Blue Printing)

Now I needed measurement to ensure everything will be modified correctly for full functionality. With a caliper I measured the thickness of the broken file end to compare to the thickness of the lock picks. In my case; the file piece and 3 picks were the exact same thickness. I used a drill bits outer diameter measurement to determine the size of hole I would require to drill in the pick handles . In image 6 I am sliding the picks into the handle void to see just how far I can go before hindering the sliding pliers function. Once I determined how far I simply used a Sharpy marker to draw a line at the base. Also note that I marked where the holes will have to be drilled on the green tape that I put around all 3 picks.

Step 3: Modify

Time to modify the picks by first using a relatively small and sharp punch and with a good hammer blow marking the picks. This creates a nice dimple for the drill the sit in for accurate drilling. When the holes are marked cut them down to your pre marked length. Once they are cut to length this is when I drilled the holes. Using a file you can shape and smooth the modified areas of the picks.

Step 4: Assembly

In reverse order of disassembly (minus the broken file bit) assemble your tools back into the handle of the multitool.

Step 5: That's Only 3 Picks? Where Is the Tension Tool!?

When you are picking a lock you will naturally need the tension wrench completly free of the Multi-Tool so instead of being attached like the picks; it's stored by using a friction fit between the picks and the interior wall of the handle for quick deployment, ease of design and use.

Step 6: Completion!

That's it! 100% functional compact lock picking kit installed in an already handy multitool by replacing one unused tool. Now you can breach a door by non destructive means! Stay legal.

*The picks are manufactured by Southhord.



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    FYI, we just put up a post about the legality of lock picks in the US and beyond, referencing a few of the best sources we know for authoritative information:

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    Do the picks lock into place in the Gerber while in use or do they have play? I know they need to have that flat side to them but couldn't tell if you did that. Great job by the way. I took the tools I use and put them on one side then made a LED light with small battery on the other.

    Legalise.... blabber, jammer, gabber gabber.

    Great -Ible-! Sorry it's been muddied with everyone's expert legal advice.
    Let's put the debate to rest, shall we?
    Here is a fantastic idea to create/mod something that may/may not be legal in your jurisdiction, county, country, state, province, city, town, country store, opinion or basement.
    Use this INFORMATION as you see fit.
    You're an independently thinking, intelligent (subject to debate) individual who knows your intent and has the wherewithal to check with your local Law Enforcement (LEO, DA, etc.) or Statute to find out if it's legal to possess.

    Give credit where credit is due. Applaud this individual for thinking of/creating something you may not have, absorb the the information and possibly express a little gratitude for their sharing of this idea.
    Again, great instructable. Great pictures, fine instruction and delivery.
    Carry On

    2 replies

    Nope, that doesn't explain it because it's not happening with others. This definitely is NOT organic traffic.

    Well I only clicked on this one because it was interesting. It appeals to the little larcenist in all of us. Maybe you should ask yourself why you care and why you are so bitter that an instructable is getting traffic.

    Wrong, it is a topic that rings of the over stepping of lawful authority of enforcement agencies which is epidemic world wide right now. Just because you don't recognize this issue doesn't mean it doesn't exist, There are literally MILLIONS of people in the US alone who are standing up against this issue. Yes this IS organic (to use your term) traffic. A vast majority of these people subscribe and share instructables because it supplies information on independent and off the grid low cost living. So don't deny that which you are unfamiliar with.

    Lol its blowing my mind. I Didn't see this comming.

    i see that you used a gerber but can this be done with any multi-tool and any lock picking kit, or is it item specific, and if not what brand lock picking tool did you use?

    1 reply

    I agree with The "crazy Mexican's" ( Yeah Mex I got it!) comment about the Gerber's weight, so I would dig out a cheap and light took from my junk box

    Would the extra weight of the multi-tool hanging off the end of the pick not make it *VERY* dificult to get a good feel of the pins?

    2 replies

    that's why you use a cheap Chinese knockoff, made out of cheap thin sheet metal and a light stamped metal pliers head

    I'd be lying if I said it was just as easy. But I've been successful with a little practice. it took me a bit to figure a way to hold it but none the less I found a way that provides enough feed back. single pin picking and raking/zipping. I had the same concern when I made this.