Gerdany AKA: Ukrainanian Beadwork

Introduction: Gerdany AKA: Ukrainanian Beadwork

Gerdany Ukrainian beadwork is also known as "netting" which is based upon Ukrainian folk art. Gerdany means "collar”. I learned this technique from the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center at Manor College from Olga Kolodij and Chrystyna Prokopovych. They are instrumental in reconstructing this traditional folk art, which would otherwise be lost without their dedication.

This collar is made up of antique Japanese beads, Czechoslovakian seed beads, and glass tubes. They are woven together with Nymo-size D thread.  The closure is made up of a wooden bead with peyote stitch. 

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    That´s great! :) Can you please upload the whole pattern?

    Are ther instructions for this necklace? Or a better pattern?? Since this is a instructables site i thougth there would be instructions!