Gertee Traveler - 4 Season PVC/Metal Tent




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This was made as a promotional video geared toward marketing our Gertee Traveler model, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it with my instuctables subscribers since it has a few new adaptations that people may be interested in seeing. We stayed in 2 of the PVC models this past summer in Wasilla and found it a bit more challenging in numerous ways. We ended up adding a solid wood door and rebar for added weight and strength. I also made a layered roof with one outer tarp, one layer of RadiantGuard Reflective Insulation and the inside layer was long strips of leftover fabrics glued together like a quilt, just like I've done with staples in my home gertees. String ties do not hold as well on smooth round poles and the roof poles do need to be made from a heavier material. But, I was able to haul a ten footer with all the covers and my woodstove (and my Osa) in my timy Toyota Tercel across the Alaska range. We had it set up and livable withing a couple hours.



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    8 months ago

    Nice rigs! Looking forward to trying my yurt again with some improvements gleaned from here! Stay warm!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Such a good idea. Really hoping you're going to tell us how you did it at some point. I've been looking for something like this since my rv was destroyed.

    You're welcome. I wish I had time to write another instructable on the PVC model, maybe this winter when things settle down and I get back to writing I will.

    That is what I do. Summer is very busy for me. I have been kind of laid up the past few months so I have had more time to spend here. Have a great day!

    Thank you kind sir! for your words and my first patch! Very supportive and much appreciated. It had a few problems but the metal roof ring is the best one yet!