Get a Ps4/ps3 for Free ( No Scam)

The first you will sing up for this and chose USA or UK as a country then you don't need to spend money!

You can only sing up in one IP address or you will get banned!!


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Step 1: Complete a Offer

Now you have to complete a offer! I recommend Skillfeed! Then you don't need to spend any money.
You will sing up for 2w free trail and watch some video.
And after 48 hour if it doesn't show on your acount green on your status, then contact the support.

Remember after 5 days cancel the offer skillfeed then you won't be charge of any money. :)

Step 2: Refel Friends

When it shows like the picture then you can go to reffel page and you will find a link!
Use that link to let your friends to sing up and do the same!

Step 3: Done

When you have get enough of reffel you can confirm your order and it will take one weak to get it.

Step 4: Is This a Scam?

No it's not my friend got his ps4 for free and he showed me this page :) you can also find some more proof!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Gaming

Play your ps4 :)

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4 years ago

ok I follow u