Get Back Your Recycle Bin (Vista)




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Has this ever happened to you?

I meant to hit Empty Recycle Bin but clicked on Delete instead. Now my Recycle Bin has disappeared from my desktop. How do I get it back?

This instructable will teach you how to get it back!

Step 1: Control Panel

First you're going to:

right click desktop > personalize
start > control panel > personalize

Step 2: Getting It Back

1. click Change desktop icons
2. check Recycle Bin
3. Ok

Step 3: Have Fun With Your Recycle Bin

Congratulations on getting your recycle bin back to where it's supposed to be. Have fun with it.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    The term for this is regression.
    Windows xp doesn't let you delete it (or 2000 if memory serves).

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