Get Earbuds to Last Longer

Introduction: Get Earbuds to Last Longer

I've ran into the dilemma where my Apple cord products have been falling apart, breaking, ripping, etc. I came up with this reason and hopefully it helps someone, because it saved me a good 25 dollars.

_You need_
• Earbuds/charger
• Heatshrink Tubing
• Matches/lighter

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Step 1: Get Your Earbuds/Charger

Works with any earbuds for an iPhone, and also works for apples "Lightning Cable".

Step 2: Acquire Shrink-heat Tubing

Step 3: Cut a 1/2 - 1 Inch Piece

Cut yourself a piece of heat shrink as long as the hard plastic part of your earbuds with a tad hanging off onto the wire.

Put it onto the earbuds.

Step 4: Heat the Shrinkheat Onto the Earbuds

Pretty simple step here.

Step 5: Tada! You Are Done.

Here's a pic of my charger that I heat shrinked. My last one tore into two in that exact spot last night, which led me to this.

Your earbuds are now a lot less prone to tearing and ripping. Enjoy :)

**Also works with anything that has a weak cord (basically what heatshrink tubing was made for, bonding wires together/keeping them seperate)

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    its a good idea but to reinforce it a bit more u could add a spring the same size as the cable and rap the spring around the cable so the cable is going trough the spring and apply heat-shrink around that to keep the spring in place


    6 years ago

    The best ideas are usualy simple. This is a GREAT idea!!


    6 years ago

    no a bad flippin idea you have here. not bad at all and very very common issue with phone and headphone jacks. I will be doing this on my dbl 2.5m jack for my satellite radio to stereo aux in my service truck. thanks!