Get Super Fit Outdoors in 90 Days

Introduction: Get Super Fit Outdoors in 90 Days

Hi everyone,

As the warm sunny days have arrived full force in the northern hemisphere, I would like to share another way to enjoy the outdoor while getting an awesome workout.

I would like to share a unique combination that incorporates a well known fitness program and other sports; all done outdoors. Maybe some of you have heard of P90X, but in case you haven't, it is basically a 90 day intense fitness program designed to give you dramatic results, given that you do the exercises everyday and have a healthy eating habit. I don't want to get too much into it but instead just want to share with you a different way to do the program with sports. This combination uses 3 strength training exercises from P90X and combines it with sports in between in order to give your pumped up muscles a break and then finishes off with yoga Saturdays.

I have included a workout sheet in order to keep track of what you accomplish.

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Step 1: ​Overview

1. Prepare your week schedule and workout sheet

2. Prepare your equipment and preferred workout location

3. Jog or cycle to your location

4. Record your work on your worksheet (this helps you compare and see your improvement)

Step 2: ​Preparation

For the workout you will need to find a place in a park with a pull-up bar. Next you will want to make sure you pack a bag with a few items that will be useful, such as push-up bars, bands, towels and water). Next you can either go jogging to the park or ride a bike with your gear. I prefer to jog as the distance between my house and the park is a 15 minute jog. When I arrive I do light stretches.

Step 3: ​My Ideal Workout Schedule

Mondays (strength training): Chest & Back followed with Ab Ripper X

Tuesdays (cardio): Tennis or swimming

Wednesdays (strength training): Shoulders & Arms followed with Ab Ripper X

Thursdays (cardio): Tennis or swimming

Fridays (strength training): Legs & Back (toughest workout IMO) followed with Ab Ripper X

Saturday (stretch day): Yoga

Take your yoga mat to the park and try to do close to one hour of yoga. I feel that you need to engage many of your muscles groups which requires 30 minutes in order for your body to open more. P90X also offers a yoga video but you can also find various ones on YouTube. I would recommend Tara Stiles hour long yoga video. If you don't do yoga or are unfamiliar with it, you could download it and watch it on a tablet at the park.

Step 4: ​Conclusion

After a few weeks of doing this routine, I am sure you will feel unbeatable as if you are ready to play in Roland Garros against the likes of Nadal. A bit far fetched XD. But at least I can say that if you're not hitting the ball well in tennis it will have less to do with your fitness and more to do with your technique. Alternatively to some of the cardio workouts (on Tuesdays & Thursdays), you can try substituting whatever other sport you are good or would like to improve. I wouldn't substitute an hour of yoga as it helps to really stretch every little muscle connection you can imagine and it feels amazing afterwards, which sets you up perfectly for meditation. Well I hope you enjoyed this unique approach to getting fit outdoors. Much success!

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