Get the Ultimate Media Player for Free(especialy Good for Playing All Formats of Anime)

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In this instructable you will learn how to easily obtain a media player that is optimized for playing all formats of video.

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Step 1: Getting the Media Player.

The media player you want is media player classic this media player is easily obtainable.mpc

Step 2: Next You Need the Codecs

the codecs you need are called cccp codecs when in video doubt look to the russians

Step 3: Finished

no you can watch all forms of video formats and more inportantly you have the ultimate anime media player desu!

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    what if i said those names were fake and if you try talking to those people youll get a flagrant error......


    10 years ago on Introduction

    First off i would like to say anime is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An if anyone of you can recomend some great films for me to check out i would be very greatful, like sky blue or Ninja scrolls etc...... I just wanted to comment on this ansay that i think you should check out Moovida It is what i am using at the moment, no need for codecs an plays ALL file types Http:// An really an great anime films i would be so so so happy to hear about them Thank you !!!:D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i wish i knew abiut the CCCP pack befor i overloaded my comp with codecs. BUT AT LEAST I CAN PLAY ANY FORM OF AUDIO AND VIDEO. also if anyone wants some icons for those file types that default to the bland icons XP and Vista give you ill be happy to post/make some.