Get Videos on an IPod Touch or IPhone

Introduction: Get Videos on an IPod Touch or IPhone

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I'm tired of having to Sync my iPod whemever I want videos, so I found an App for that. But unfortunately, That didn't work. I found a way to get videos USING this app from any mobile site (Excluding Youtube. Sorry, It won't work for some reason.) All you need is the download manager or download manager lite app.

Step 1: Get the App!

Go to the app store and search "Download Manager". It works with the free version.

After it has downloaded, open it, and type your favorite mobile site (Exculing Youtube! Sorry!) in the address bar.

Step 2: Select a Video

Select your favorite video. Keep in mind some websites still use youtube links, so they MIGHT not work for this.

Go to the menu next to the address and click "Force download next link". Click on wherever you have to to play the video. (If there is high or low resolution, click high.)

Step 3: More Notes

This works with Music too! Go to (thats what I use), Find a song, and click force download before you click "download song".

You can also do this on a computer! Go to a mobile site ( and right click a play video button. Select "Save link as" and make sure it has the file extention .mp3 or .mp4.

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, I may prefer to download videos on my computer and then transfer them to iPhone. This way gives more convenience on managing the video files and also helps to keep a backup in my local drive, though it needs to sync those files via iTunes:


    10 years ago on Introduction

    haha I love that song

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