Get a New Soldering Tip or Not?


Introduction: Get a New Soldering Tip or Not?

Use a clean tip for soldering and use a WET sponge to clean. Also add a little bit of solder to the tip to improve results. 

NOTE: it will melt through the sponge if it is not wet and should make a singing sound.



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    A lot of soldering iron tips are copper, coated with a material, such as iron, that does not oxidise as quickly as the bare copper would.
    For this reason it is NOT recommended that any form of abrasive cleaning is carried out, such as scraping or even is some cases filing.
    If the surface protective coated has been compromised in any way the remainder of the tip will rapidly burn away.
    Cleaning with a damp/wet sponge is the best treatment, or at a push, dipping into a pot of solder flux, but wipe it clean straight away.
    Once clean a coating of solder will help both to protect the bit and conduct the heat to the job being worked on.
    A good temperature controlled iron, maintained as above, should last for ages.

    This would not work depending on the material, if the iron was hot it could work but might burn yourself as the blade is metal. If you do try this be carefull!!!! I TAKe NO RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR STUPID ACTIONS.

    You'd think I'd cursed you out or something. What is the reason for this aggressiveness?

    I have used a soldering iron to cut rip-stop nylon fabric and I always use a snap off blade knife to clean it afterwards.

    Sorry, I don't know as I haven't tried it but could it be the heat sent through the metal?

    Iron is much more stronger than copper at that temp, making iron tips much more durable. But yes, for conductive spec, copper tips might be very intersting.