Get Back on the Track

This instructable will show you how to get back to drving your EP(elctric power) RC car.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Here is an easy list of what you need for this project. The total cost of this project is about 35$, depending on what materials you already have.

1-Ultrafast universal battery charger. Buy at radioshack or here
1-Battery pack 7.2v-(Type outlined in step 3)
1-Rc car to use

Step 2: Unpack the Charger

Once you recieve the charger. Unpack it as seen in the pictures below.

Step 3: Choosing the Battery

Here is the part where your materials will vary.

Depending on what battery you have the "fastness" of this will vary. I recomend a small 1500-2000 mah 7.2v battery pack. Also make shure you have NI-CAD, if you have a 2000 mah NI-CAD it will charge the battery in 15 minutes!!!!!! But if you want to go big, go for a 3000 mah NI-MH. This will charge in around 22 minutes with this charger vs 8hrs with a regular charger.

I have outlined some good battery deals below.

2-pack of 1700mh NI-CAD batteries from here

1-pack of 3300mh NI-MH batteries from here


I will be using a Shark 1500 mah NI-CAD, because i had it laying around.

It is the one on the right

Step 4: Charge Time!!

Take your charger and your battery and place the battery in the charger. Connect the connector from the pack to the charger. Plug it into the wall and wait a few minutes until the led goes out:) Pull the pack out and go drive!!!

when the pack is charging you will here the fan running, dont worry it wont explode

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    8 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    More detail, slow down. You seem like you're all hopped up on Mt. Dew. I'm pretty sure this will also shorten the life of your batteries. Not to mention pose an explosion hazard.... And finaly, go with the Ni-MH because you are doubling the mA while only adding 7 minutes of charge time. You'd stay on the track longer

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    no... you just wrote the whole instructable wierd. Also, I don't think its "car-ists" I would say "many beginer R/C car racers"


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Adding more detail would be difficult, but ill try editing it. :) For charging faster I chose ni-cds, also because for me my ni-cd had a higher discharge rate which equals more speed(theoretically).


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, you could say that, but lots of beginner rc "car-ists" dont know about things like this.