Get Crazy Corrupted Video From Netflix


Introduction: Get Crazy Corrupted Video From Netflix

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My girlfriend has Netflix, and they have now added streaming video to their service for no cost. It's DRM riddled, but I'm sure someone else has a work-around for that.

What I did was TRY to save a Netflix stream, but instead found a cool way to generate corrupt video for my art.

Step 1: Get Netflix

Sign up for Netflix here.
Then follow these steps.
Pick out any movie (you won't be watching it..)

Step 2: Grab the Link

When your movie window opens up, view the source. You're looking for something like this:
					var WNPlaylistMovies = {"movies":[{"id":"70039645","title":"Zach Galifianakis: Live","streams":[{"url":"","bitrate":500,"dlid":1039581865,"requiredBandwidth":700},{"url":"","bitrate":1000,"dlid":193181082,"requiredBandwidth":1400},{"url":"","bitrate":1600,"dlid":1401877790,"requiredBandwidth":2240},{"url":"","bitrate":2200,"dlid":1217123129,"requiredBandwidth":3080}]}]};

Check the screenshot.
You want this: {{{
which is some kind of link to some video or something.

Step 3: Get VLC Player

Download a new version here.
Open it up and choose from the menu File > Open Network Stream.
Check the screenshot.
Select HTTP/blah/blah and enter the URL from Step 2.
Then click Stream/Save and Settings


Step 4: Save/Play Corrupted-ness

Choose File, and specify a place to save the file (include the extension) and also Play Locally so you can see the fun.
Mess with some settings for codecs and such, but don't expect any audio. Your results may vary
Let it roll for as long as you want messed up video. I'm making a lot, because I want to make some even cooler video from this mess. check my site when I get around to making stuff.

Also know that doing any of this may be illegal/bad/fun and you should probably not do it. It also may count for time spent watching against your Netflix account. Who knows.

My video in step 5 >

Step 5: Completed Captured Corrupt-itude

Looky look.

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    12 Discussions

    isn't there be a way to save it as a screen cap ?

    1 reply

    Of course; the print screen button works. But I wanted video, so I did this.

    it IS possible to remove the drm, but it's bloody difficult. one piece of software for this is fairuse4wm, every site that has it for dl gets shut down by microsuck, one site with links to it is all-streaming-media i haven't successfully tried it, but they have updated it since then. you must have the licence on your computer, though.

    1 reply

    I've got a copy, maybe even the installer hanging around somewhere. Want it? Can't find it? benhudson4**guess**

    it seams, at least for me, that it wont work, until june...too bad!!

    I cna do the same thing, but it is a little bit easier. 1) download some porn from your favorite torrent site 2) when the video is at ~%35 open it. 3) profit.

    1 reply

    I didn't know bittorrent did that too. I'll check it out. Thanks

    I love Zach Galifianakis. "My room mate is asian and whenever she walks in he door I play (da da da da de de do do da). She asked me 'Why do you always do that?' I said ' Because I don't have a gong.'"

    Watch out for watermarks ;) The only way to kill them (nowadays) is to totally F the video like shown. Otherwise, if it gets shared and gets out -- your netflix data is stored in there... And will be tracked back to you. Looks like it would make cool art.... blown up to large wall size too :P If anyone can figure out how to make it 3D -- say, based on color saturation- it would probably add another cool factor point :)