Get or Make Wood Chip Mulch

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For covering your garden bed with mulch you buy decorative mulch to your Garden Center.

But if you want mulching for cheap you must consider two options.

Get your mulch from an arborists or make your own wood chip mulch with a wood chipper.


Step 1: What are ramial wood chips?

Step 2: Get free truckload or make your own wood chip mulch?

Step 3: Wood chips delivered by truckload - From arborists

Step 4: Make your own wood chips - Rent or buy a wood chipper

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Step 1: What Is the Ramial Chipped Wood?

For your wood chip mulch use a chipped branches from decideous trees.

But what's the ramial chipped wood.

Step 2: Arborists or Wood Chipper

Help arborists to get rid wood chips! Maybe a free truckload?

If you trimm your trees, with not to rent or buy a wood chipper for making your own wood chips at home.

For french instructions. Pour des instructions en français : Comment faire du paillis organique



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