Get Rar File Numeric Password Using Notepad

Hello, Here is another batch file which can crack password of Rar File. You can easily use it to crack any rar file password.

Let's Start.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Open your Notepad [Start >> Run >> Type ”Notepad” >> Enter]

Step 2: Create a Batch File

Copy this code from the following link and paste it in notepad.

Step 3: Save It

Save it with .bat extension[ e.g “RarPSWDCracker.bat”]

Step 4: Run It

Now run it and Enter your file name with extension then enter full path as shown in figure.

Step 5: Wait

Wait for some time until It crack the Password.

Step 6: Cracked...!!!

That’s Done..!!
your password has been successfully cracked. now you can open your Rar file using this password. [Note : It can only crack Numeric Password]

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