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Circles under the eyes are not every time such cute as they can be.
This instructable will show you some few tips to get rid of circles under your eyes in a few steps.
Please understand, that there are manifold reasons for circles under the eyes. Therefore some steps will help especially you, some others not but maybe another one find them helpful.

Why there are circles?
There are generally speaking 2 sorts of circles under the eyes:
1. circles because of massive blood circulation (which can have many reasons for itself)
2. hyperpigmentation (which will not really be topic of this instructable, but there will be a short comment)

Pic: © Mike_R

Step 1: Get Some Sleep.

A reason for having dark circles under your eyes (in the most cases of temporarily appearing circles) is having to little sleep.

So, to get rid of your circles - get some good and deep sleep. At least you should sleep 7/8 hours or have good night's rest. Sleep deep and in a quite and dark place. If there is no darkness, shade your eyes or windows. If there is too much noise get some earplugs or sleep in another place, see next step.

Step 2: Live a Healthy Life, Have Fun.

Being sad, depressed and having worries about this and that promotes having circles.
So, I know it is easier to say than to do it, live a healthier and better life. Have fun, maybe by fulfilling step 1 or by other things.

Step 3: Tea or Coffee?

Get some strong black tea in bags. Percolate it.
Get some espresso an espresso machine and percolate the espresso, also.

In the case you made tea, you can put the warm (warm, not hot - caution) onto your eyes and the circles underneath. You can do the same with loose tea. Just put some cotton into the tea and lay that onto your eyes and circles. Let it take effect for about 20 minutes.

Or do the same with the espresso. You remember the cotton?!

Tea: The tanning agent will hel, it is decongestant.
Coffee: The caffeine will help, it is vasoconstrictive and the blood circulation will regulate to a better rate..

Step 4: Iced Tea or Iced Coffee?!

Give 2 EL full of your tea or espresso into the fridge or just make some ice cubes out of tea or coffee.
Lay them carefully onto eyes and circles (in fact the most things in this instructable have to be applied to eyes and the circles under your eyes.)
The coolness will help to ebb away the circles while the effects, mentioned in step 3 will also take place.

Step 5: Cool Spoon.

Put some spoons into your fridge for at least 10 minutes.
Carefully press them onto the swollen parts in your face and the circles under your eyes.

Step 6: Eat Iron.

Sometimes the circles are that good to see (or visible) because of the thinness of your skin. Maybe you got a lack of iron in your blood. Let that be checked by your doctor.
Eat beetroot or everything else containing iron. You can also take iron pills but be sure to adjust the ration with your doctor.

Step 7: Make a Cucumber Mask.

Slice some cucumber and lay the slices onto circles and eyes, let them rest for 20 minutes. You can take the chance and make a hole face mask with cucumbers and some curd cheese.
If you had the cucumber in the fridge you can double the effect now.

Step 8: Get a Lymphatic Drainage

Give a general description of the StepLymphatic drainage can help defluid the region under your eyes and prevent circles under your eyes. It also can eliminate the circles.
You can try to "learn" how to do lymphatic drainage by watching some YouTube Video, like the one I attached. Or you can go to a professional (ask your M.D. about it) to be sure everything is done right.
For the interested among you, you can read more here, for example.

Step 9: Laser This, Eye Circle...

Step is nothing you can do at home on your own. That is why I will keep this one short. Go to the doctor, ask him about reducing your eye circles (remember: not your eye balls!) by a laser therapy.
Your doctor will explain the stuff to you and show you different methods and price solutions.

Photo by Dr Peter Crouch (public domain picture)

Step 10: Slapstick Medicine.

Slam a cream pie into your face...
This is not approved by scientists, but it may help also. Put a cream pie or just a good amount of whipped cream onto your circles and let it rest for about 20 minutes.

Step 11: Finally a Special Tip.

Yuck, you need pee. No, of course not. But what you need is ureae, or to be more accurate: a salve containing ureae. Urea enhances the water binding capacity of the skin and will develop incredible get-rid-of-circles-under-your-eyes-power right in your face. Ask your pharmacists about a salve in which there is a good portion of ureae.

Thats it. Comment, if you have tried something and made good experiences. Rate.


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    23 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    My rings are permanent or something, I've had the damn things my entire life, and tried a great deal of the suggestions here. There is another cause proposed to me: some people allergic to certain foods can get them. So maybe I have a wheat or milk allergy.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Knarx thanks for all the helpful info. 

    natnie- My children's allergist referres to the dark circles under their eyes  as "alergic shiners" , I think your instincts are probably right on natnie.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    And wear sunscreen, no joke. I have a friend and she becomes circles all the time, like she has been hit or something. She uses 50+ sunscreen and now they're gone. Its nothing that comes with intensive tanning, it's just the normal sun "hitting" your face while going to work, shop, or just walk around. Maybe this could be another reason for your circles.


    9 years ago on Step 3

    Would someone please tell me what brand of tea bags is pictured above?

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    It from Meßmer (Messmer or Meszmer), Earl Grey, a german brand.


    ha... my eyelids always get super sweaty during gym... according to my mom im doomed to an eternity of wrinkly eyelids like she has. ew. got anything for that???

    1 reply

    Good one man! I get almost black ones under my eyes, but thats probably because I get like four hours of sleep, oh well.

    this is so completely bizarre/hilarious. niice!! glad my instructable was of good use = ]


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, I don't know- What about tightening agents for the skin under your eye? I'm saggy and dark. -Saggy Dark

    1 reply

    Step 2 reminds me of Poncho not understanding why he can't sleep on the bed. :D you have a huge fridge in your bedroom?

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey itschrys. thanks for your comment and thanks for the commendation of my animal pics. While many of the pictures used in this instructable are from the wiki commons, the animal pictures are really mine, so it's a pleasure to here you like them. Thanks again.


    10 years ago on Step 7

    The cucumber mask thing as no effect on anything, it's just there to feel nice, common myth... It probably does help wake you up though...

    1 reply