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This is a trick I learned from my grandmother when they lived in North Carolina.  They had a dog that was always outside romping around in the woods.  He would often bring home little hitchhikers, and this was Nana's solution.

The best part about this trap is that there are no chemicals to worry about your pets or small children coming into contact with. 

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

- A small desktop style lamp

- A shallow bowl.  I found that the cheap aluminum pie tins work great for this, but if you don't have one of those any shallow bowl will do until you get one.

- Liquid Soap

- enough water to fill the bowl about half to three quarters full

Step 2: Setup

set the bowl in a regularly used room, just make sure it is out of the way enough that it won't get knocked over by anyone. I set mine behind the recliner because it stays a set distance away from the wall and no one goes behind it.

Fill the bowl with the soapy water.  Adding the soap to the water is essential for the trap to work properly, because the soap decreases the surface tension of the water so that once the fleas hop in they can not manage to swim back to the edge and crawl out.

set the light directly over the bowl a few inches from the surface.

You will find the most dramatic accumulation of fleas will occur overnight ,as long as you remember to leave the lamp on.

Step 3: Maintaining Your Flea Trap

This is the really hard part ...

Change the water once a day.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! My cats came home with fleas last year and we had to use a lot of nasty chemicals. This is method of flea removal looks cheap, easy, and environmentally friendly!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is super easy and suprisingly effective. I'm not sure if it is the light or the warmth from the bulb (or a combination of the two), but we were amazed at the number of "visitor" that accumulated the first night we set it up.
    Our biggest collections always occured at night, each night there were fewer and fewer fleas in the bowl. Within a few days they were all gone. We left the setup for a few more days in case we had any straglers, but none appeared.