Get the Makey Makey Fart

Introduction: Get the Makey Makey Fart

About: I enjoy using my hands to create something and then share it!!!!!

Makey makey is fun but you need to interface it with fun website :) so I build the nice quizz on "which fart are you?"

It is pretty straight forward you just need to go on and the magic will happen.

One you click on a makeymakey key you will hear a nice and smooth different version of farts and you should find which one is the closest from you :)

Happy farting game and tell me which fart you are.

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Step 1: Create Your Own Version

I created a version pretty easy to amend and as it is responsive, it is working on any size of screen.

I have done a version to discover animals and music instruments.

As an extension, I have created a version to learn alphabet with all keys.

I shared the folder with all websites sources for you to amend and update :)

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