Copper Spear




About: *** Cannot Compute*** I've been known to try stupid and dangerous things, therefore never get locked in am room with me.

Here you will learn to make copper tipped spear

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Step 1: Whack a Copper Mole

Now you get to take your frustration out on a poor innocent piece of copper   

Step 2:

Excuse my cheap camera and bad lighting in my basement

Step 3: Get to the Point

Now you have a crude dull point.  Pound it on the edges until you get a point

Step 4: A Sticky Situation

Now tape or tie the blade on

Step 5: Almost There

Vola! Your done! And I am not responsible for any stupid or dangerous ideas you get from making this, I'm only responsible for my own.

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    1 year ago


    I have some questions. When you say "Pound it on the edges until you get a point"? you mean as in flatten it? as in bend it? ar as in push the rest of the material to the center?

    Do you know what was the original gauge of your copper piece?

    Thank you very much.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ya. I Was Bored And Desperate On My Instructable.
    P.S. I Used Copper I "Borrowed" From My 6th Grade Teacher