Getting Admin Part 2

OK, I wasn't so specific last instructable, but that was my first one. I will be more specific this time.

Step 1: The Real Coding

OK, instead of me telling you, I'm just going to give you a link because writing it would take forever. All you do is write on cmd instead with that tool. I would say you would use the prompt() function on it to see what user is on it and what the password is. whoami is a cmd function that tells you the user's name and net user admin password gets you that password.The rest of the work is to decorate the page.(You also have to put del [your file name for the virus{next step}]so nothing looks suspicious[aka it doesn't work virus stays,bad,]).

Step 2: The Virus.

All you have to do is put all these programs togethor so they have to hit your "antivirus program".



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