Getting More Out of a Can Lifehack

Introduction: Getting More Out of a Can Lifehack


The goal of this ible is to show you a quick and safe (no sharp edges) tip on how to get that last bit out of every can. This is useful not only for getting an extra sip, but also to do a better job at cleaning out cans so you don't get a sticky bug mess in the summer. It also avoid having to cut open the can to properly clean it, which can be dangerous.

Step 1: Consume Your Beverage

Well this one is obvious, first off you need to get to the point where the can is almost empty!

Step 2: Pop the Edge of the Can

This is the trick, Just push on the raised edge under the opening, this will allow the liquid to go out more easily instead of getting stuck in the dip.

Step 3: Profit! ... or Clean

That's it!

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