Getting Notes Off Your IPhone (Jailbroken)




Things you will need:

1. A jail Broken iPhone
2. A Computer
3. iFunBox
4. Spare Time

If you do not have a jailbroken phone there are many instruction articles out there just google GreenP0ision or RedSn0w. If you keep having trouble unlocking it, it may be due to your modem Firmware being one of those tricky bastards that wont unlock 06.15.00 works fine but if you have an older 3G with an older version of firmware you may have to upgrade it first before you can unlock your phone.If your phone is not jailbroken try here for all your jailbreaking needs.

Getting Information:

Download ifunbox from here
I find it a much easier way to download and upload data to your phone than using the open ssh method plus it doesn’t crash all the time.

Expand the ‘Raw File System’ tab and navigate to: //User/Library/Notes

Copy the notes.sqlite file to your computer by just dragging and dropping
Rename the new file notes.html and all your notes should come up in your default internet browser.

All your notes should all be right there just copy and paste into your word document or whatever it is.

Step 2

Adding Information:

Adding information to notes is a little bit tricker, first you will need SQLite database Browser since this is written in C.
Download it from here

First copy over the sqlite file from your iphone and save this in a safe place in case something screws up you can always go back to your original. Then copy a second version over and open this in the data base browser

Looks a bit complicated right, well it isn’t really that hard, switch over to the Browse data tab.
Now where it says table: ZACCOUNT change that to ZNOTEBODY. Here is where all your note data is stored to edit notes on your computer simply go to the ZCONTENT column and double click the note you want to edit. Remember that if you want to put a note on a new line you will have to put it in div tags ie <div> insert your note here </div>

To add a new note completely navigate to the ZNOTE table and hit the New Record Button
Now to edit some tables, leave Z PK as whatever number it generated. Change Z Ent to 3 by double clicking typing “3” without commas and clicking apply changes. You can leave Z OPT blank but you should make ZCONTENTTYPE, ZDELETEDFLAG, ZCONTAINSCJK, ZEXTERNALFLAGS, ZISBOOKEEPINGENTRY all to 0, ZSTORE to 1, ZBODY to whatever number Z PK is and ZCONTAINSCJK to that number x10 so if it was 7 it would be 70. The ZEXTERNALSERVER number should be all the same so just copy that number down. You can leave ZGUID, ZAUTHOR , ZSERVERID all blank. In

ZTITLE just write what you want the heading of the note to be
Note you can also write a brief summary of the note in ZSUMMARY

If you really want to set the date that it was created & modified you will have to work it out yourself if anyone knows what system it is it would be pretty helpful. I belive it is based off the Julian day notation but I can’t get it to the date I want

Now go to the ZNOTEBODY and create a new record make sure the Z PK number is the same as the one in the ZNOTE table. You can now make Z ENT equal 4 and Z OPT can stay blank and turn ZOWNER to your Z PK number, now you can write your note in the ZCONTENT column making sure to add div tags to where you want to go to a new line. ZEXTERNALCONTENTREF and ZEXTERNALREPRESENTATION should be left blank.

Once done save the data base and reload it onto the iphone by just dragging and dropping in ifunbox to: //User/Library/Notes

***Make sure you have saved a copy of the original first***



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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    great tuto thanks! But I did not find what I was looking for: my notes are set under an email, I want to remove that eamil from the iphone, but I want to keep the notes, do you kow what parameter in the db I should change to do that?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I found out: unsing db browser go to ZNOTE set all field of each these column to "null": ZAUTHOR ZGUID ZSERVERID (works on IOS6)


    5 years ago

    I phone is still more popular than android


    7 years ago on Introduction

    On Android, it's saved as a .txt file, which you can just drag and drop. Lol iPhone fail :P