Getting Started With MRPi1 Robot

This web page present the first step with MRPi1 robot.

MRPi1 is a mobile robot based on Raspberry A+ with many sensors :

  • 6 proximity sensors,
  • 6 light sensors,

  • 2 DC motors with encoders,
  • Speaker,
  • temperature sensors,
  • Wifi,

What do you need ?

  • MRPi1 robot,
  • SSH client (exemple: Putty)
  • A PC with wifi communication

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Step 1: Wifi Connexion

Robot login
If you use Windows :

Wifi conexion via your computer

  • Wifi network password: raspberry

Step 2: Putty Configuration :

  • IP Address :
  • Port : 22
  • Connexion type : SSH

Step 3: Putty Connexion

  • login : pi
  • password : raspberry

Your are connect to MRPi1 robot, congratulations !

Step 4:

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    3 years ago

    Very nice project! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!