Getting Started With HSMXpress




HSMXpress is a free CAM plugin for SolidWorks

You can download it free here:

If you already have have HSMXpress, download the attached part file and let's get started!.

Step 1: Understanding the Layout

In this Step we will:

  • Look at the Layout of Inventor HSM
  • Create a Setup to:
    • Define our Work Cordinate System
    • Define our Stock
  • Create our first toolpath
  • Run Stock simulation to see the toolpath in action.

Step 2:

In this step we will:

  • Rough and finish the part using:
    • 2D Adaptive clearing
    • 2D Pocket
    • 2D Contour
  • Program Chamfers
  • Spot and Drill holes
  • Create Derived Opperation

Do you want to make sure you did everything correctly?

Download the attached completed version of the part and take a look.

Step 3: Post the Code

In this step we will:

  • Post process G-code for a Haas CNC
  • Look at how to modify HSM Posts



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago


    I have HSMXpress loaded and registered into Solidworks but I can find no trace of it in the menu system. There certainly is no 'CAM' tag.

    Can anyone set me in the right direction?