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Introduction: Getting Stoned

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Now that I have gotten your attention and, Aggravated, Enthused Aroused or Enraged you. I got you to take a look and it is not what you think . For this Instructable we will be making Concrete Roses. I used To make these all the time for Art insulations and sculptures they are quite easy a little fragile but long lasting and beautiful. This is the first time I have made them with the attention of using the stem in the finished piece and I decided that the wire is too flimsy and will need to be replaced with a thicker gage wire to last the test of time.


  1. Portland Cement
  2. Plaster of Paris
  3. Bowl
  4. Water
  5. Dollar store roses
  6. Plastic Cups
  7. Paint
  8. Something to hang stuff on
  9. Straws
  10. POT

Step 2: Remove the Roses

Pull the roses by the stem to the bottom of the cluster until the wire comes out of the plastic .Then bend the exposed metal into a hook.

Step 3: Mix

  • The mix I use is two parts water to equal parts (1 part each) Cement and plaster. Add water then mix in the cement and plaster mix till smooth .It is in your best interest to use some sort of dust protection like a mask or bandana . If desired add some paint to the mix, this helps to color the deep pockets in the roses.

Step 4: Dip the Roses

Dip the roses in the cement mix , give it a shake and dip again . Hang on your something and let dry . I tried to dip a live daylily and it didn't work out to well it kinda melts and shrugs off the cement as it dries . But I do believe that dried flower will work , No rotting and should suck up the cement

Step 5: While Waiting for Roses to Dry Get Your POT

Take the remaining cement and mix in some dark color like black or brown and load up the pot with cement then insert straws into the pot ,These will hold the roses in place

Step 6: Give Them a Coat of Paint and Insert Into Staws

paint the flowers and insert the roses into the straws into the pot or you can do what I did and removed the pot and made it look like a clump of dirt .Your roses will last forever and if you like to smell the roses you can pour on some rose oil and it will suck into the cement and smell for a long time . Hope you enjoyed go out and make something .



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    Really love this idea! I'm getting to where I see cement more as art than just a sidewalk these days. I was wondering, is there a specific type of paint you used to tint the cement mixture & then paint the roses? Such as acrylic, oil, etc. I have a ton of artificial flowers, I could make a year round garden with :D

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    I used acrylic ,the more expensive ones in the tube give a better pigment then the 89 cent craft bottles but they both work , I have uses latex paint it works but it dries slower and it don't get much color but it works good with darker colors , I encourage you to make a year round stone garden it would be great

    Deeply disappointed in one way, deeply grateful for having learned something in the other way. Stoned roses are really much better than the living ones.

    Let's stone the world tomorrow. And get drunk today.

    1 reply

    That moss does looks like a good time :) Im glad you liked the roses thou . and cheers to you have a drink or seven its all good

    Great way to get people drawn in. The project looks cool

    not sure y I came here. much smart, very trick. great instructable...I guess I have everything I need to make this 1.

    1 reply

    I was unaware of his work looked it up and I like his work thanks for introducing a new artist to me

    Thanks ,I never knew that they gold dipped roses you could do it with my method with some gold paint its a little thicker but hey its concrete and it can hold a smell

    lol XD